Thursday, 10 January 2008

NOSS-es, Lacrosses and ISS

Yesterday evening the 9th it was clear in twilight, but clouds came in a while later. Nevetheless there was time enough to get out the ETX-70 again and bag the NOSS 3-4 duo (07-027A and 07-027C), the NOSS 3-3 duo (05-004A and 05-004C) and Lacrosse 3 (97-064A). In total, 7 points were obtained. In the morning of the 10th, I observed the International Space Station just before clouds again interfered.

About 3 minutes before the NOSS 3-4 duo pass, another faint sat crossed the telescope field in a similar trajectory. I was just making a last check of the star field in view against a plotted map to ensure I had the correct location in view, so hadn't the stopwatch in my hands. At first I was a bit worried it was one of the 07-027 objects but very early, so I was relieved when 3 minutes later the real 07-027A sailed into the FOV.

Later that night it cleared again. Below is the image of the ISS I shot a few hours later, during the morning hours. It can be seen passing from Corona borealis into Hercules. It was bright, around mag. -4. My main intended target for that early morning was Progress M-61, but clouds (already visible in the ISS image) intervened.

(click image to enlarge)

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