Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Flares of USA 186, Lacrosse 3 and an Iridium

Another very clear evening in which the sky was so transparent that the moon was no real hindrance.

I observed 3 flares. Iridium 47 flared to mag. -1.5 in twilight at virtually the same spot as yesterday's -6 Iridium 25 flare. The picture is below.

At 20:52:23 UTC I saw USA 186 (05-052A), which was faint during the rest of its pass, flare to mag. -2 in the north. Alas not on photograph.

I was more lucky with Lacrosse 3 (97-064A) which flared to mag. +1.5 at 21:01:34 UTC while the camera was open (see below image, the bright star left is Arcturus).

I also observed IGS 1B (03-009B), on a zenith pass. It was faint again and irregular, quite unlike its visibility in earlier years.

I am very tired currently, but given the unusually clear skies I might try some additional observations this morning on the new IGS objects.

(click images to enlarge)

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