Tuesday 1 May 2007

Iridium flare season

It was very transparent last night, to the extend that the full moon didn't seem to hamper much. Alas I had not much opportunity to observe, as I was franticly making the last final edits to a research proposal, the dead-line of which was this afternoon.

I did catch this fine mag. -6 flare of Iridium 25 at 51 degree elevation in the east though (see image below). The season of many bright Iridium flares high in the sky has started again

Main focus at the moment is still on gathering material to calibrate the times of my camera. Currently a recalibration of -0.30 s (as opposed to the -0.35s I initially took) seems to get times in line.

Interestingly, this -0.30s means the time calibration value is similar again to that which I initially obtained way back in August 2005. It then jumped by 0.3s after I made a change in my camera settings in September 2005. Apparently now it is back at the old value again. I did not consciously make another change in my camera settings, but have accessed the camera recently with Canon software to test that software, and apparently it did change settings.

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