Saturday 24 September 2011

UARS update, 24 Sept (1)

UARS reentry update, 24 Sept 02:00 UTC
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We are now probably less than 3 hours from UARS reentry.

Using SatEvo software and the latest few orbital updates, re-entry is projected for 24 Sept 4:20-5:05 UTC: in essence, 4:45 UT +/- half an hour. [next sentence corrected] This would indicate Africa and possibly Australia as places which might get to see it.[/corrected]

Watched the 01:37 UTC pass here: this UARS pass was with the satellite completely in earth shadow. Nothing was seen, which means it is not glowing yet.

To make up for missing the decay (this was the last realisticly visible UARS pass for me in the Netherlands), I was treated on a beautiful meteoric fireball at 01:32:44 UTC, at least magnitude -5 if not brighter, appearing due south. It moved through Cetus ending some 10-15 degrees above the horizon. Mediumfast, and with a wake.

This is probably my last pre-reentry UARS update: I am very tired (it is 4:15 am here), the show is over as far as the Netherlands is concerned, so I am going to bed and will see tomorrow morning where UARS came down.

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