Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Who knows more about this patch? (updated)

I recently obtained this cool looking patch:

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All I know is that it is connected to the NRO operations at Vandenberg AFB. Anyone knows a bit more? I have questions such as: what do the 4 + 7 white stars refer to; What does the "PSO - Protecting Satellite Operations" refer to: is it a unit, or some generic statement? Inquiring minds want to know... ;-)

The owl eyes frequently feature in NRO related mission patches (notably, the Lacrosse patches). The four 4-pointed yellow stars likewise frequently occur in classified launch patches from Vandenberg launches. They might or might not be related to the 4th Space Launch Squadron launching Atlas and Delta rockets from Vandenberg. The unit's patch features similar stars:

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The globe with orbiting satellite, is a version of the NRO symbol.


I had a communication about this patch with Trevor Paglen. Like me he feels it is probably from some security unit connected to the Vandenberg NRO office.
Together, we came upon the 614th Space Intelligence Squadron as a possible "suspect". In that case, the white stars could refer to the Squadron number: 6 + 1 on the right, 4 on the left = 614.

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Anonymous said...

About the white stars: the seven look like the Little Dipper. The four could be a stylized Southern Cross. They are in their proper places relative to the Earth, above the north and south poles.