Wednesday, 20 February 2008

USA 193 lost in clouds, and a visit from a TV crew

As I feared in my previous post, I lost this evenings USA 193 pass. It did seem to turn clear in the afternoon at first, and in early twilight I had real hope. But eventually, at the 18:42 UTC pass the sky had filled with thin clouds. Naked eye, I could barely make out Aldebaran. Tried to find the relevant star-field in the telescope but failed. Oh well....

Earlier this evening, and after several phone calls in the daytime, I got a visit by a reporter and camera-man of the NOS (the Dutch "BBC"). They shortly interviewed me and shot some pictures of me doing mock observations behind the telescope. It is going to be broadcast in the TV News on the Dutch channel 2 at 22:00 CET.

With the current weather conditions, I have little hope for tonight's total lunar eclipse.

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Anonymous said...

Can it be seen anywhere in Texas