Sunday, 22 April 2007

4 flares in 15 minutes

This morning and evening of the 22nd, I managed to catch a number of fine flares again, four of which occurred within a time span of 15 minutes:

- two Iridium flares (-2 and -5, by Iridium 61 and 03 resp.);
- two USA 186 flares (-0.5 and 0), 20:44:33 and 20:45:26 UTC;
- a Lacrosse 4 flare (+1, predicted by Phil Masding), 20:41:54 UTC.

Images are below. The evening ended early when cirrus came in.

The Lacrosse flare was predicted by Philip Masding (just like the Lacrosse flare of yesterday) to within 2 seconds of time exactly.

Flares never bore me, they are always exciting to watch, and even more so when they occur at random and are so nice to do so while the camera is open....

(click images to enlarge)

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