Monday 13 November 2006

Update on previous post

An update on my previous post: Lacrosse 5 appeared nicely on-time with nice residuals for 3 out of 4 points compared to Mike's elset 06315.73014711:

06317__17:56:11.800___0.07___1.59*__0.742*__dropped point

(Values with Scott Campbell's Satfit, X-track and Pos. error in degrees and delta T in seconds)

I dropped the last point because of its obvious anomalous character. This point is not the real end of the trail at the end of the exposure: but the point where the quickly fading satellite dropped in brightness below the imaging sensitivity treshold of the camera, some 1.5 seconds before the end of the exposure.

This underlines the quick fading at that moment: from +1.5 to below the imaging treshold in a mere 10.2 seconds.

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