Wednesday 1 November 2006

MT Milcom monitoring, plus report forthcoming

Larry van Horn of the MT Milcom Monitoring Blog spent a short post about my recent orbit plots on this blog today, as I discovered from a spike in my Blog traffic statistics. His Blog is about monitoring radio communications from military satellites and satellite relays.

Listening to military and other satellite signals (e.g. ISS to ground communications on 143.625 and 145.800 MHz) is something I have done in the past too, until my old receiver went West.

On another note: tomorrow (or now, as it is past midnight here) SatTrackCam Leiden has been operational for 15 months. Time for an evaluation! I worked on a 15 page report about these past 15 months the past days, which I hope to finish and post a link to tomorrow.

Weather is very bad here at the moment. Heavy rainshowers, and an alert for heavy storm in the north of the country.

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