Sunday 21 May 2006

Meeting other satellite observers

Yesterday I travelled to Belgium to meet some other satellite observers out of the BWGS at the home of Bram Dorreman. The meeting was as well a BWGS meeting, a birthday meeting for Bram Dorreman, and a meeting to celebrate his 40th anniversary as a satellite observer.

Leo picked me up by car at Vleuten and we then continued to fetch Wim and a Belgian lady Marieke. Other joining at Bram's house were Tristan and Kurt. The meeting was very pleasant and informal, we were cared for very well in terms of drinks and food by Bram and his wife. For me, this was the first time I met other satellite observers except of Bram.

Wim brought some bulletins out of the "old box" with him. Kurt demonstrated the latest development of his internet PPAS database. Bram brought us back to the early days, by demonstrating the 'ancient' and time consuming graphic technique for predicting satellite passes of yesteryear. Ah, so much has changed...

It was a fun meeting.

The weather is very bad here the past week. Heavy rain showers and thick cloud cover.

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Anonymous said...


It was very nice meeting you and interesting to discuss the method you are using to observe these satellites. Nice stuff on your webpages too. I will try to use my digital camera for this pupose as well, let's keep in touch.

Best regards,

Wim Holwerda