Wednesday, 24 May 2006

The weather, weather data for Cospar 4353, and the Navy Googling for USA 129

Weather is still bad here. Yesterday afternoon it looked like I could do some observations, as it nearly completely cleared, but in the evening fields of cumulus came in again. At this moment, it is raining and we even had hailstones today. The bad weather the past week means I could not test Phil Masding's predictions for several Lacrosse 5 flares by observing them.

On another note: last weekend saw my weather station becoming operational. I purchased a small electronic (radiographic) weather station through ebay recently. After some sawing, hammering and painting activities resulting in a 1.5 meter pole with an half-open small casing on it, the sensor is now on the courtyard and sending its temperature records to the receiver in my home. A daily report of measured maximum- and minimum temperatures and air pressure at Cospar 4353 can now be found here.

I had the US Navy visiting my webpage today. Someone there Googled for "USA 129". I have more military visits every now and then.

24/05/2006 17:30 CEST temp. 10.1 C, air presssure 1016 hPa

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