Sunday 19 April 2020

Starlink "train" photographed from the International Space Station

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The image above (image ISS062-E-148365, original at high resolution here) was shot from the International Space Station (ISS) on 13 April 2020, 21:25:02 UT. It shows the Aurora Australis (southern lights) and a train of SpaceX Starlink satellites.

The presence of the Starlink train in this image was first noted by Twitter user Riccardo Rossi (@RikyUnreal) and brought to my attention by Huub Eggen (@phi48). It is present in two earlier images as well, taken the preceeding minute (images ISS062-E-148363 and ISS062-E-148364).

ISS was at 48.25 S, 81.03 E and 440 km altitude at the time the photo above was taken. With this information, I came to the following probable satellite ID's (annotations in image below) for the objects in the imaged "train": these are all objects from the 17 February 2020 launch ("Starlink 4").

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