Saturday 2 May 2015

Another ISS solar transit

On May 1st 2015 near 13:53:18 UT, there was another solar transit of the International Space Station ISS as seen from Leiden.

The weather was clear (apart from some thin cirrus) and I imaged the transit in the prime focus (F/10) of my Celestron C6, using the Canon EOS 60D at rapid burst (5.6 photographs per second). The telescope was equiped with a Baader foil solar filter and images were taken at 1/4000th second exposure (to avoid motion blur) and ISO 800.

The transit took place near the upper northern limb of the sun and was hence short. Only three images show it.

The image above is a stack of all three, superimposed on the first image. The image below is an animated GIF of all three images. In reality, the transit was much faster (about 0.4 seconds in total) than the GIF shows.

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