Sunday 17 February 2013

Filmpje: waarom de supermeteoor boven Rusland niets te maken heeft met planetoide 2012 DA14 - uitgelegd met behulp van een sinaasappel

Note to English readers: an English version of the Dutch language video below is posted in a separate post here.

Toegevoegde noot: Het is in werkelijkheid iĆ©ts complexer dan ik hier doe voorkomen, omdat een langs de rand van de aarde scherend object door de aardse zwaartekracht iets wordt afgebogen en er zo dus wel fragmenten op (lage) noordelijke breedtegraden terecht kunnen komen. Maar 55 Noord is echt buiten de mogelijkheid, en ik heb dit er daarom maar uit gelaten omdat het anders misschien te complex werd.


Unknown said...


As the e-mail adress doesn't work, I try via your blog :

Concerning my request, an Alphonse Pouplier list member, Temmerman Pierre, recommended me to write you. (Alphonse Pouplier List :

Thursday 14th of March at night, I realized my first « nearly all sky » tests, using a Canon 300D with a Samyang 8mm lens and an Astronomik CLS filter because of the light pollution at my place (Ath, Belgium), centering on the zenith (30s exposure, F5.6, 800iso).

A video is available here : (full 11Mo)

After watching all pictures, I noted 2 satellites and I could only identify one with CallSky ( and Heavens Above ( It seems that is « USA 129/KH 12-3 », with a irregular trail (rotation ?), its transit is on 2 pictures assembled here, it was at 21.20 local time, from S to N :

As for this one, I could not identify it. Its trail is also irregular and its transit is on 2 pictures too assembled here, it was at 21.03 local time, from W to E :

Is it possible to you to help me to identify this object ?

This is my position : 3.7804 East – 50.6173 North

Finally, just for fun, this is a star trails image showing the Earth rotation in about 2 hours :

I am sorry about hot pixels on my pictures…

Best regards

Joel Bavais
Amateur astronomer
Ath (Belgium)

SatTrackCam Leiden said...

Hi Joel,

Apologies for answering so late: your message on my blog was inadvertently marked as spam and withold for moderation: and I didn't look in the moderation folder for many,many weeks :-s So I only saw your message today (and approved it for inclusion in the blog now).

So my apologies!

The 21:20 object is indeed USA 129, one of the US military "KeyHole" KH-12 optical reconnaisance satellites. It is flaring in your image, which it does more often (some part on the satellite, e.g. a solar panel or radio panel, briefly mirrors light to your location).

Your "unknown" looks to be Globalstar M001 (1998-008A, #25162). The trajectory and time fits. It is a communications satellite for saetllite telephone. This particular one is no longer in service and from your image probably tumbling.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the answer ! clear skies ! Joel