Sunday 12 August 2012

OT: night-sky time lapse, Dolomites

The movie above, which you should see on full resolution rather than in the small embedded version above, is a time-lapse I made using images shot during my holidays in the Dolomites.

The movie starts with imagery shot from Aldein (Aldino) at 1188m over a 4h42m period on July16. Apart from stars and  at about 20s in the movie the Milky Way entering the FOV, a number of satellites (and aircraft) are visible.

The movie ends with a (too) short clip of stars circling the celestial pole, based on a 25 minute image series shot from Vajolet at 2238m, in the Dolomites properly, on 23 July.

All images were made using the Canon EOS 60D + Tamron 2.8/17-50mm at 17mm, 2000 ISO, 30-second exposures.

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