Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Observing Fobos-Grunt on 30 November

It was clear this evening, and the Russian Mars/Phobos probe Fobos-Grunt (2011-065A) stranded in Low Earth Orbit made two visible passes which I both observed.

The first pass was in deep twilight, 16:08 UT with the sun only 5 degrees below the horizon. The sky was still bright blue and only the brightest stars (Altair and brighter) were visible. Nevertheless, Fobos-Grunt was easily visible by the naked eye, becoming clearly brighter than Altair around and after culmination at 45 degrees elevation in the south. It was very fast and showed no sign of brightness variation. A very fine view!

It made a second pass at 17:40 UT, plunging into the earth shadow at 25 degrees due west. I captured it on a photograph when it was at 20 degrees elevation, close to alpha Oph (brightest star in the image):

click image to enlarge

The lens used was the SamYang 1.4/85 mm and because of the low elevation and city environment, I kept the exposure short to 5 seconds. Due to a different phase angle compared to the earlier pass, the space-probe was faint, near +4.

I also tried to video it again like two nights before (see video in my previous post). This time less succesful, due to a case of Murphy. A cable came lose just at the moment supreme, and in the haste to attach it again, the camera was moved and then pointed to the wrong star.....

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