Tuesday, 10 May 2011

ISS over the Sun

Late this afternoon (10 May 2011), at 17:29:25 CEST (15:29:25 UTC), the International Space Station (ISS) passed in front of the Sun disc again as seen from the SatTrackCam station, silhoueting the Space Station on the solar disc.

Like on March 24th, I used my small ETX-70 telescope equiped with a Solar Screen Filter, to photograph the event. This time I used prime focus plus a Kenko 2x converter, instead of eyepiece-projection, effectively yielding a f=700mm F/10 system.

Four images out of the series show the ISS silhouted againts the sun, along with several sunspots. Below is a composite image of the four images (showing the ISS four times), plus a detail. The ISS solar arrays are well visible.

click images to enlarge

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