Monday, 15 February 2010

Again USA 200, and another Proton Breeze-M tank

A somewhat belated report on the 11th. It was very clear on the night of 11-12 Feb. As I had dinner guests, I couldn't take advantage of it during the LEO window, but I did target a suitable HEO object later that night when my guests were gone: USA 200 (08-010A).

Like two nights earlier, the images with USA 200 contain a Russian Proton Breeze-M tank as a stray. It is another one than that of Feb 9th however: this time it was 06-056B, the Breeze-M tank of the MEASAT 3 launch.

Below images (both with the EF 100/2.5 Macro USM) show the short fat trail of USA 200, and the longer trail of the Breeze-M tank.

click images to enlarge

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