Friday, 20 November 2009

STSS Demo 1 (USA 208) passing the Andromeda nebula

After observing it visually through the ETX-70 2 days ago (see my report here), I had some idea that the STSS Demo 2 (09-052B) and it's twin STSS Demo 1 (09-052A) were actually bright enough to be in raneg of my camera with the EF 100/2.8.

So I tried this evening, and with succes: both objects were captured. Below is one of the images, a nice picture showing the STSS Demo 1 (USA 208) passing close to M31, the Andromeda galaxy.

click image to enlarge

Some time ago I obtained the launch patches of this twin mission (STSS is an acronym for Space Tracking and Surveillance System):

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