Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Observed the flying toolbag

This evening it was clear. Besides photographing the passes of Lacrosse 4 (00-047A) and the NOSS 3-1 duo (01-040A & C), I watched a nice ISS pass together with my neighbour and for the very first time also managed to see the ISS tool bag (98 067BL), the bag with tools lost in space by an astronaut during an ISS EVA in november 2008.

The latter observation was made with my Meade ETX-70 (7 cm refractor) at 13.5x magnification (field-of-view about 4 degrees) during a near-zenith pass at 18:03 UTC (27 Jan), when the object passed close to Algol.

It was faint (mag. +7 to +8) and very fast, zipping through the field of view being gone before you knew it. I had some impression of a slow brightness variation.

It was very nice to finally see it, after a few earlier failed attempts.

Video of the astronaut loosing the toolbag....

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