Friday, 19 January 2007

Storm over Cospar 4353

A Gale-force storm has been raging in our country yesterday, killing 6 people and bringing all train traffic to a halt. At 11:03 am the first roofing tiles came down here at Cospar 4353. The peak in wind-force was at about 7-8 pm. In Zeeland province, wind speeds of 133 km/h were recorded.

The closest distance to the center of the storm depression for Cospar 4353 was at about 15:30 CET (14:30 UTC), as can be deduced from the above barogram obtained by my courtyard weather-station.

The sky was clear during twilight, but this was also the peak of the storm. A roofing tile had already come down some 2.5 yards from where I normally put my tripod, so I did not dare to risk my head and camera to other plunging roofing tiles. Moreover, the tripod would have blown over I think.

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