Sunday, 24 December 2006

Lacrosse 3 & Lacrosse 5 Rk in hazy skies

A late report on observations from December 18. The grant committee hearing last Thursday took too much of my time and energy to report earlier to this log.

This were the first observations being back on-line and tracking with a new laptop ("Elvis") after a fatal crash of my old laptop ("HAL") the 12th. Conditions were poor: hazy. No pretty pictures this time...

I observed Lacrosse 3 and the Lacrosse 5 Rocket (05-016B). The Lacrosse 3 (97-064A) was trail very marginal on the image. I dropped a second trail image on 97-064A obtained during its next pass as it was even more marginal. My two points on the first trail come out a few tenths of seconds different from those of other observations around this time.

By contrast, the Lacrosse 5 Rocket (05-016B) trail was of good quality and agreed well with other observations obtained around that time. 05-016B was 4.6s early and 0.11 degrees off-track with regard to an 8 day old elset; 97-064A some 0.9s early and on-track with regard to similar aged elset.

A female neighbour came by for a chat when seeing me photograph and watched 05-016B passing over Polaris with me.

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