Sunday, 18 June 2006

USA 116 keyhole flare

Last night at 1:06:25 UTC (3:06 am local time) I observed a nice mag. -2 flare of Keyhole USA 116 (1995-066A, #23728). The onset of the flare was captured by the camera, the image yielding two nice positions.

This was the first time I imaged USA 116. The obtained positions are on-track and at best some 0.1s early.

I also captured Lacrosse 4 (2000-047A), as I did a few nights earlier, on the 12th June. The June 12 data were "only"0.45s late relative to a 20-day old elset, and some 0.17 deg off-track in cross-track.

Last night's 2000-047A data are some 0.15s early, and again off track (about 0.12 deg. in cross-track) relative to an updated 3-day old elset (elset 06165.01332539).

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