Saturday, 29 April 2006

Lacrosse 3 & Lacrosse 5 rocket, plus IGS 1B

After 20 days of forced non-activity, I managed to obtain some data again last night. Weather conditions were instable. It had been clouded much of the day, but cleared around dusk. Yet large fields of cumulus would come and go. I missed passes of Keyholes USA 129 and 186 due to this, and one of two passes of Lacrosse 3.

I did catch Lacrosse 3 during another pass, although Murphy almost struck again. The battery of the camera turned out to be near-empty, so it quit after the first image.

Later that night I also managed to get two pictures on IGS 1B (during the same pass) and a picture of the Lacrosse 5 rocket. In all, a nice set of data

IGS 1B crossing the Big Dipper amidst flying clouds

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