Thursday, 2 February 2006

The new home of SatTrackCam...!

I got the keys to my new home yesterday. So I have been amusing myself with measuring up the apartment, making a map of it, and trying to fit my existing furniture in it. In the configuration I finally settled on, I would have room for an extra wardrobe, an extra part to my bookshelves (doubling it in size, and this is much needed as in my current home the books pile up against the wall because of a lack of available shelve space) and a low extra cabinet to extend my desk. So, a trip to IKEA on the 11th.....

I also made a GPS measurement in the central courtyard of the complex, and of course shot several pictures, a few of which can be seen below.

The open door on the right of the 3rd image is the entrance to the small hall giving acces to my appartment, and the larger window and the small window to the left of it belong to my appartment. The kitchen shown in the pictures will be replaced with a new one this month by the housing corporation.

So: now let the painting and other indoor construction works begin.... I have settled the move itself on February 12th.

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