Thursday 1 September 2005

A Keyhole and ENVISAT, and NEA's

Thursday, September 01, 2005, 17:09:02 LT

Worked last night (31 Aug) with the camera in the new
colour/contrast setting. Images come out more dull now,
but I do have the distinct impression that faint trails
do show up better.

Catched USA 129 (96-072A, #24680), a Keyhole optical
imaging satellite with a decimeter resolution capability.
Faint trail but the measured positions come out fine.

Also catched a sat I initially could not identify. IDSat
gave no clear match. Ted Molczan then identified it as
ENVISAT. It puzzled me that IDSat did not gave me that
match, untill the solution jumped to me this morning
while I was commuting in the bus: a sign error in my
location's longitude? Indeed, a check when back home showed
this to be the case...

Spacewatch resumed operation again a few days ago, so the
mornings that I am at home are filled with hunting NEA's

And after a series of clear nights, it is raining again...

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