Wednesday, 24 August 2005

Accuracy test - seem to do fine

Using data reported for Lacrosse 2 (91-017A, #21147) by stations 2018, 2675, 2701, 2751 and me (4352) over the past week, I analysed the accuracy of the positions relative to Mike McCants' Elset 05234.83672363, using Scott Cambell's SatFit program. The goal was to see how my own data accuracy fitted with the other stations, thus getting an indication of the performance of the setup here.

Above diagrams give the comparisons in terms of positional error, cross-track error, and timing error. Note that with regard to the error, "early" observations (those before the Aug 22 epoch date of the Elset should come out early (negative delta T), and "late" observations late (positive delta T). My station's data are shown as red dots.

Looking at the diagrams, my setup seems to perform well and I don't need to worry. Which is good to know...

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